What I do

Communications planner, writer, market researcher and ‘sick girl’. Not always in that order.


My background lies in marketing and digital strategy. In previous roles I worked with national and global clients across finance, FMCG, charity and healthcare, including: TSB, Pernod Ricard, Mars, Nuffield Health and Unilever. I now split my time between both sides of the healthcare table – as patient and professional – giving me a perspective that’s hard to find.

I started Professional Sick Girl as a personal blog in 2013. It became a platform for me to talk openly about my health condition, cystic fibrosis, in the workplace. It ignited a desire to tell stories – my own and others – of living with a lifelong illness.  Since moving into healthcare, I’m a professional sick girl in more ways than one. I am now dedicated to building a better understanding of, better treatment for and better communication with the people at the heart of the healthcare system; the patients.

How I do it:

  • 1. Writing:
    • Features
    • Columns
    • Opinion pieces
    • Copywriting
    • Healthcare reports and whitepapers
  • 2. Communication strategy:
    • Proposition development
    • Audience and patient group segmentation
    • Product launch strategy
    • Healthcare campaign planning
  • 3. Consulting:
    • Working with patients
    • Improving health literacy & patient information
    • Patient engagement
    • Co-designing with patients
    • Rare disease communities
  • 4. Speaking & Events:
    • Steering co. participation
    • Patient-focused event design
    • Patient speaker
    • Guest lecturer

Who I do it with:

Healthcare communications & marketing agencies
Patient experience researchers
Medical & healthcare event organisers
Health and life science publishers and content creators.

Let’s talk

If you’d like to discuss working together, or are simply curious to find out more about my work and whether I can help your organisation, I’d love to chat with you. Please get in touch at ellyfoster@gmail.com or leave your details below.