Talks and presentations

‘Helping patients access health information in the age of fake news and Dr Google’ – The Medical Affairs Summit, Berlin


While each patient is at a different stage of education and curiosity when it comes to their condition, increasing numbers of patients have access to overwhelming sources of health information. From healthcare provider, promotional marketing, academic journals to conspiracy theories, mainstream media and unwarranted advice from well-meaning friends, patients are exposed to more information online than ever before.

‘Knowing my worth: A perspective on orphan drug pricing’ – Guest lecturer, Pharma & Biotech elective, Cambridge University MBA.


Following on from the op-ed I wrote for eyeforpharma, why rare disease drug pricing won’t just hurt patients, but pharma too, I delivered a guest lecture at Cambridge on the topic to the MBA 2018/19 class. Using my perspective as a CF patient I gave an overview of the basics of rare disease drug pricing, the use of venture philanthropy as a funding model, and the future of market access in a difficult area.

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