Just like you…but probably on more drugs


I am a 20-something woman living in London working as a digital strategist, who just happens to have a life-shortening lung condition called Cystic Fibrosis. I also have CF-related diabetes, because I hear all good things come in twos.

It’s hard to imagine living any differently. Sometimes I wonder how everyone else gets through the day without 30 tablets and an insulin injection every mealtime. When I see someone tucking into a tasty slice of chocolate cake I can’t help but think, ‘Ooh, I hope they’ve had some Creon with that.’

For those at the back who haven’t been paying attention, Cystic fibrosis comes with an average expiration date – I believe median life expectancy is the correct term- of 38 years. I turn 30 next year. While I have absolutely no intention of leaving on time (why change a habit of a lifetime?)  there are a lot of ambitions I’ve yet to achieve. This blog chronicles my journey as I do so.

I write about things you probably already read about: work, life, health, relationships, travel, late night political debates in the hospital with your Phlebotomist, (…too niche?) but I am here to share a different perspective. I want to help you think differently about illness. I’m big on advocacy and whether you have a chronic condition or not, I hope you can relate to my writing.


We hear a lot about illness stopping people from doing things. That’s because it does. But we don’t hear enough, about or from, people with lifelong illnesses living life; their careers, passions and pursuits. There are 15 million people in the UK alone living with a chronic illness. And  while I write about a serious subject, I see no reason to be serious all the time.  Trust me, life is too short.


I publish every fortnight on PSG.com.

I also write on Insta under @Sick.Notes. It’s about capturing and sharing – with a smile – the mundane moments many people living with a condition will recognise. Because bad poetry is my therapy.

And you can find me here @ellyafoster.

-Elly Aylwin-Foster.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love that you are doing this, Ellie. I want to say ‘go girl’ but am probably 30 years too old, so please just accept the sentiment.

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