Words and strategies

I’m Elly. I live in Cambridge, UK. I’m a writer and communications strategist, who just happens to have a life-shortening lung condition called Cystic Fibrosis. I also have CF-related diabetes and adrenal insufficiency. I guess you could say I’m an overachiever. Sometimes I wonder how everyone else gets through the day without 30 tablets, a nebuliser and an insulin injection every mealtime.

I love telling the untold stories of people living with chronic illness. Among other places, my writing has appeared in The Independent, Wellcome Collection, Reuters Pharma and rare diseases company, Bionews Services. I write about subjects you probably already read about, just from a different angle: work, life, health, relationships, travel, late night political debates in the hospital with your Phlebotomist, (…too niche?). In service of one thing: to help you think differently about illness.

What I do

Communication Strategy Lead at healthcare agency Cuttsy and Cuttsy. I lead our strategy and insight efforts and advise on how, when and where to best communicate with patient groups and HCPs.

Co-Applicant with Lived Experience, IMPARTS. I am also part of a team working on a pilot research project at King’s College, London, exploring the role of peer support for those living with sub-threshold depression and long-term conditions. I am also a freelance writer and, occasionally, a speaker.

I’m always open to connections!