Just like you…but probably on more drugs

I’m Elly. I live in Cambridge, UK. I’m a writer and communications strategist, who just happens to have a life-shortening lung condition called Cystic Fibrosis. I also have CF-related diabetes. You could say I’m an overachiever. It’s hard to imagine living any differently. Sometimes I wonder how everyone else gets through the day without 30 tablets, a nebuliser and an insulin injection every mealtime.

My writing has appeared in The Independent, Wellcome Collection, eye for pharma and I write a weekly column for the rare diseases company, Bionews Services. I’m particularly interested in the mind-body link in physical illness, the politics of healthcare and I love telling the untold stories of people living with chronic illness.

I write about subjects you probably already read about, just from a different angle: work, life, health, relationships, travel, late night political debates in the hospital with your Phlebotomist, (…too niche?). In service of one thing; to help you think differently about illness.

You can find me on Twitter @ellyafoster.

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  1. I love that you are doing this, Ellie. I want to say ‘go girl’ but am probably 30 years too old, so please just accept the sentiment.

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