My seven to eleven

Do you ever have one of those days where it just feels like life is ruled by numbers? For someone with CF, I don’t really take that much medication, but these are some of the numbers CF can add into the day.

7:00 Wake up.

7:15 Shower and do 5 mins of physio.

7:40 2 puffs of 2 different inhalers. Get dressed.

7:59 Take morning medication (3 pills).

8:00 Pack one insulin pen, 20 creon tabs and 2 inhalers into my bag. Leave for work.

9:00 Check my blood sugar levels before brekkie. Good is a result between 4 and 7. I get 10.

9:05 Take 9 units of insulin and tuck into 2 pieces of toast with lashings of peanut butter, to contribute to my daily energy requirement of 3000kcal.

9:06 Take 3 creon tablets to help with the digestion of my food and 3 vitamin tablets.

10:30 Nip to the loo and take a dose of antibiotic inhaler. That’s 2 puffs x 4.

12:00 1x Domperidone before lunch. No, not Dom Perignon, it’s a pill.

13:00 Test blood sugar, it’s a happy 7! Take 8 units of insulin and 3-4 creon tablets. Eat lunch.

16:00 Aim to eat a snack that has a minimum of 200 kcalories. Have a cheeky chocolate bar.

18:00 Take 2 puffs of ventolin inhaler in preparation for running.

18:30 Go to the gym. Run 5k.*

20:00 Test blood sugar. It’s a 7. Take 8 units of insulin and eat dinner with 3 creon tablets.

21:00 Take my nebuliser. Thats 10-15 minutes of inhaling 1-2 drugs in the form of a special vapour that helps open up my airways.

21:55 Take 2 puffs of 1 inhaler.

22:00 Do main physio session. Breathing exercises to clear my lungs for 15 minutes.

22:45 Take antibiotic inhaler. 2 puffs x4.

22:50 Take night time medication. 4 pills.

23:00 Bedtime.

If only I were a numbers person…

*I’ve been off the running for  while, but I’ve just started training for my first 10k, exciting times!


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